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Welcome to Rego Silicones ApS

Rego Silicones ApS is a Danish based family holding company which are operating with two divisions:

  • Division polymer specialising in silicone rubber and plastics
  • Division in metal

In total, we have around 165 employees and a yearly total turnover of around EUR 35 million (year 2022).

Owner is Thomas Nielsen. For contact directly to Thomas Nielsen, please email

As of today, we are ten companies in the group, nine of which with own manufacturing.

Polymer division

  • A.M.P AS, Denmark, injection moulding of thermoplastics.
  • Asicomo AS, Denmark, injection moulding of LSR (liquid silicone rubber) and thermoplastics.
  • Rego Development AS, Denmark, assisting with design of product involving silicone rubber and/or thermoplastics.
  • Regoform AS, Denmark, manufacturing of moulds for injection moulding parts of LSR (liquid silicone rubber) and thermoplastics.
  • Rexsil AB, Sweden, extrusion of profiles and tubes in silicone rubber.
  • Sipla Medical AB, Sweden, extrusion of silicone rubber products (mainly tubes) for medical device and pharmaceutical industry.
  • Sipla Nordic AB, Sweden, extrusion of profiles and tubes in silicone rubber.

Metal division

  • Finnerup AS, Denmark (90% ownership), manufacturing of van racking systems.
  • V. Bech & Co. AS, Denmark (90% ownership), provides cutting tools for the Metal industry.
  • VPD Bearbejdning ApS, Denmark (90% ownership), metalworking processes.
  • KAMF AS, Denmark, metalworking processes 

Rego Silicones ApS
Hejreskovvej 10 D
DK – 3490 Kvistgaard

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